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Remote Tools. Best work from home tools for 2020

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Video Conferencing


Simplified video conferencing and messaging across any device. Most commonly used chatting tool for my teams. Great features such as recording, annotating with great video quality


Communication software product developed by Google This is a great tool for small team meetings. It's a simple tool that does meetings really well but doesn't have more sophisitcated featuress like recording.


Cisco Webex is the leading enterprise solution for video conferencing. Definitely solution for larger companies.



It is a lightweight application which remind regularly yourself to take a break. Perfect for pomodoro technique, where you choose how long each timeblocks are and how long to rest for. You can even force yourself


Organize it all with Todoist. Well supported with many features when you move up to the paid subscriptions

Microsoft To Do

Capture Tasks & Set Reminders. Microsoft purchased Wunderlist (a highly rated todo app) last year and they've integrated into their own Microsoft To Do. It's a free app like it's predecessor and very easy to use

Everything Tools


Basecamp is the premier project management + internal communication tool for remote WFH teams worldwide. If you want one tool that manages everything this is it. The founder is a leader in the remote space having written a book Remote in 2013.


All-in-one workspace. Write, plan, collaborate, and get organized. Another tool that provides evrything you'd want in one tool. There's a learning curve with the product but once your team gets used to it, this becomes one of the most powerful tool that has a beautiful interface

Team Chat


Slack brings the team together, wherever you are. I don't know a company that doesn't use Slack. There's so many API integrations. Unlimited groups, channels, and user(10,000). Easy and painless

Project Management


Get the power, control, and customization you need to manage your team’s and organization’s projects. It's a powerful collaboration tool and management tool that helps manage hundreds of tasks


Trello lets you work more collaboratively and get more done. Quickly get up and running with the management tool for you and your team. It's easy to organiae and prioritize task for smaller teams

Cloud Storage

Google Drive

Free Cloud Storage for Personal Use. Great for those already in the Google eco-system. It's easily sync'ed between devices that makes viewing documents on the go extremely easy.


Dropbox is the world’s first smart workspace. We bring all your team’s content together while letting you use the tools you love. It's a cloud storage that allows team members to share, collaborate, and sync larger documents. It's individual focused but they do have enterprise options


Secure collaboration with anyone, anywhere, on any device. Almost the same as Dropbox, however they're enterprise focused.



GitHub is a development platform inspired by the way you work. One of the biggest code management tool out there. There's numerous tools but we like Github the best as it provides free unlimited private repositories


The easiest way to automate your work. Connect your apps and automate workflows. Create workflows and connect different apps (e.g. email -> excel -> twitter) to trigger events and tasks when new actions happen


Move and resize windows in macOS using keyboard shortcuts or snap areas. This is one of the first apps that gets installed on a new Mac. It easily resizes appliations so that you can easily view one to multiple apps at the same time.


Software to make your life better. If your eye gets tired at the end of your programming day, you must try this. The app uses your geolocation to track the sun position to adapt your computer's display warm at night and like sunlight during the day


The best place to build, test, and discover front-end code. Easy way to write, run and test your frontend code before commiting. We use this to mainly try different approaches before settling into one

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