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Head of Developer Relations

Full Time Remote Technology

About Meeshkan

The world has over a million APIs, and we're on a mission to create a sandbox for every one of them. We are looking for an energetic, outgoing developer that enjoys nurturing partnerships with API-driven communities, from Salesforce to Stripe to Mastercard, to help them prototype faster and test smarter with Meeshkan sandboxes.

About the role

We are looking for a developer that loves participating in API-driven communities to spread the word about our innovative sandboxing technology. As Head of Developer Relations, you'll be in charge of growing our existing partnerships and forging new ones with users of APIs from Google, PayPal, Stripe, Alpaca, Mastercard and Amadeus, to name a few. These partnerships manifest themselves in several ways:

  • conducting market research surveys.

  • helping people build API sandboxes.

  • creating MVPs around APIs to spur collaboration.

  • answering questions about integration testing and helping people write tests.

What unites these disparate tasks is that they help foster and sustain a long-term dialogs with communities of API users that, in turn, help us build the best API-sandboxing tool on the planet.

Who is a good fit

The core of the role is research and learning. If you love attending and speaking at meetups, participating in online communities, building API-related MVPs, and solving problems with thought leaders in the API space, this role is for you.

Here are some soft requirements for the position:

  • Two to three years of experience as a developer, developer advocate or technical writer.

  • Outgoing personality, with a passion for meeting people and learning about how they use APIs.

  • Ability to work in a remote-first company and independently organize work.

  • An active presence, or a desire to build and active presence, on important developer forums such as twitter, glitch and

  • Strong organizational skills, as there are thousands of API-centric communities and all of them function at different paces, so you'll have to keep track of many ongoing conversations.

  • Novel ideas for how to measure and assess developer engagement with our open-source projects.

  • Ability to assist in technical sales to API providers that purchase a sandbox from Meeshkan.

What we can offer

Meeshkan provides the ideal environment for intellectually curious individuals to grow and learn, giving employees a high degree of freedom to organize their work. At the same time, we value consensus, even if it means spending extra time to arrive at a conclusion. We are a remote-first team, and we encourage people to visit us in Helsinki as often as possible to enjoy working from our spacious and relaxed Helsinki office.

You'll also be working with an intensely mission-driven team. We believe that API sandboxes democratize access to technology by allowing developers to interact with a copy of an API that may not otherwise be available to them. By lowering the barrier of access to technology, we believe that API sandboxes will create new classes of developers in a world that desperately needs innovative software solutions to pressing problems. Sandboxes also allow technology experts to explore novel ideas in property-based and fuzz testing, increasing software's resiliency at a time where our interconnectedness exposes us to more security threats and more brittle integrations than ever before. All that is to say that one great reason to work at Meeshkan is because we believe that we are solving a large, pressing, industry-wide problem with a cutting-edge solution.

Finally, Meeshkan is a great place for people that enjoy owning the work they do. Ownership manifests itself in several ways, from generous stock-options for full time employees to ownership over zones of our operations (sales, content, marketing, product, etc) to public ownership of your work, as almost all of our code is open source and all our research is turned into articles. That means that, from week one, there will be a public record of your accomplishments that you can be proud of!

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