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## (Junior) Full Stack Developer (f/m/d) - PHP / Laravel / Vue.js

Full-time, 100% remote only, Full stack (PHP, Laravel, Vue.js), Preferred time zone: UTC+-3

### About Us

We launched in 2019 and specialized in the development and marketing of SaaS and API solutions. We currently provide our solutions to hundreds of businesses in multiple niches, all around the globe.

In addition to improving our current products, we love to explore and discover new market opportunities by developing rapid prototypes based on market research and customer interviews. We believe user-centric development, but also look out for quick and easy solutions throughout the entire process.

As we are growing rapidly we are looking for our first employee:

# Responsibilities
As the first employee of our company, you will be responsible for designing, building, and improving our existing PHP/Laravel based web application backend while following/implementing current best practices and test-driven methodologies.

You will be required to act as an escalation target for support issues that may require engineering assistance and infrastructure assistance. Also, you will improve our current products and participate in the development of new products.

The most important traits we are looking for is willingness to learn and the desire to quickly ship products. That’s why we are also looking for junior or non traditional applicants.

As an early employee you will also be to shape the way we work and build our products.

### Why You Should Apply

* You want to build amazing SaaS products

* You like rapid prototyping

* You enjoy low hierarchies

* You thrive in a remote working environment where you may never meet your co-workers in person; you go wherever you want.

* You want complete control over your development and working environment.

* You understand how essential clear, consistent communication is when working remotely -- ambiguity makes you uncomfortable.

### What You Can Expect From Us

* A competitive salary

* Flexible and fair working hours

* Calm and asynchronous company environment

* Focus on deep work instead of meetings

* Extensive onboarding to your new work environment

* Opportunity for performance-based bonuses and salary increases

* A healthy level of autonomy; We will provide consistency in expectations and support.

* Transparent, direct and clear communication

### Location

Preferred time zone: UTC to UTC +4

# Requirements
* Knowledge of PHP, Laravel and Vue.js, but not required

* Willingness to learn new technologies

* A "get it done" attitude and proven background of delivering beautiful work again and again

* Excellent communication and fluent English

Based on experience

- 🌏 Worldwide
# How do you apply?

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