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Senior React Native Developer

Full Time Remote Technology

About NearForm

Department: Operations

Job purpose: 

Help our enterprise clients translate their needs into functional and appealing interactive mobile and web applications. Responsible for building all aspects of these applications. 

Key responsibilities:

* Build applications for web, iOS and Android using React Native

* Validate solution design through active participation

* Support component design, development and maintenance

* Take responsibility for personal technical quality standards within the project team

* Assist with defining structured practices especially in source code management, building and deployment

* Automated testing in line with solution requirements and industry best practices

* Troubleshoot and debug applications

* Optimize applications for maximum speed and scalability

* Assisting with the analysis of client requirements

* Work with and support the Delivery Architect in project execution and timely delivery

* Collaborate with front-end, back-end developers, DevOps and designers

* Write documentation and guides

* Stay up-to-date on emerging technologies

* Contribute to NearForm tooling and open source projects, and our Polaris accelerator in particular:



* 6+ years experience developing mobile/web applications at an enterprise level

* Evidence of real-world delivery of mobile and web solutions

Soft Skills

* Fluent English & superb communication skills (written and oral)

* Ability to perform well in a fast-paced environment

* Excellent analytical and multitasking skills


* An ability to use a wide variety of open source technologies and tools

* Experience working in an Agile environment

Required experience:

* Modern JavaScript and Typescript development

* Advanced React Native and its ecosystem

* Expo tooling and ecosystem

* CSS paradigms (OOCSS, SMACSS, and BEM)

* GraphQL, JSON and RESTful web services

* Release process of apps in App Store and Google Play Store

* Basic knowledge of native tooling (Swift, Objective C, Java)

* Best practice web front-end and mobile security, familiarity with OWASP top 10

* Layout aesthetics and responsive design

Desireable experience:

* Experience with offline application design

* Experience setting up CD/CI for react native pipelines

* Experience with over-the-air app updates

* Familiarity with Storybook

* Familiarity with Node.js

* Familiarity with Cloud Native development (AWS, GCP, Azure)

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